Renato | demo reel | 2018


Members of my family worked on automotive assembly lines and in nuclear power plants, while I’ve spent my time so far designing and producing one-of-a-kind objects of significantly less practical value. I've had the luxury of making things that hadn’t yet been made, things I can learn from, things connected to the world only by tangents. I make things which might help me help my students approach their problems and futures - modeling a balance of breadth and depth, preresponding to questions that might never be asked. I work digitally - with human fingers and binary computers, with contemporary processes and materials - whatever those are. I model post-product poetry, storing little plastic phrases which I mold into thing-like objects, filling an ever-inflating void with noise. I keep in close contact with illusions of common-sense, with straight-forwardness, with that practical world-as-it-needs-to-be - so that I can pack it all into ever-new nonsense.