What do we look at and how do we make sense of these things? How do the tensions between a creator's various influences bend objects away from what they may have been if they had consumed other stuff?


Crafting Error is about source material, specifically my own. Its paragraphs and observations are about the things I read, look at and the forces they exert on the things I make in my studio. These experimental essays, aphorisms and poems work through objects, ideas and identity. I speculate about why things attract my attention and how and why they relate to designcraft.

Crafting Error is available for purchase as a print-on-demand book from Blurb.com*. It is in a heavyweight magazine form factor. It is 8.5x11", 124 pages plus covers, all full color, full bleed, perfect bound and printed in the USA. It looks and feels like a book-like-object, and is available for $27 plus shipping. 

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