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Demos - day 2 (password kendall)

Meta – Discussion topics

3D modeling (and computer mediated design) as a type of and an extension of drawing (in 2 and 3D)

as a type of modelmaking

as a type of planning for fabrication (of various kinds)

as an element in a manufacturing process (singular and plural)

as a medium of self expression

as a tool(set) for conjuring product

as a means of achieving complexity and/or precision

as a means of propagating iteration or multiplicity

as a way of expressing data using a mathematical tool

as a way of doing something faster, easier

as a way of making sense of or speaking the language of a digital culture

as a cheat, as a way to avoid working with difficult materials or processes

as a comfort, as a way to work on a platform one is already familiar with

as a default, because this is the thing you know

ADD/Edit/Alter in periodic discussion.



Set – shape grammars, icebreaker

Artist lecture?

Brief demo and discussion of what Rhino is (is like, and isn't)

Physical show and tell
Description of assets (during and after workshop)
Deep end/follow along Ligature demo – saving .3DM, start 3D printing, basic exporting
Discussion of homework, recommendations, priming demos

(include interface concentration, basic drawing and extrusion options, intermediate exporting)

Printer testing assignment completion (in class) done by 4:30, supported and sent after discussion of removing, cleaning, and troubleshooting Ligature exercise



Examination of printing results, success, iterations?

Get to work modeling from homework

Demos based on homework

Demos on demand

Demos of other tools or methods

Discussion of Shapeways and iMaterialise

3D models done by 4:30, supported, sent


Links (your printer) (Buy Rhino) (Phil's lab) (rhino video tutorials) (rhino step by step tutorials) (clay like software, and good for fixing) (Send out for lots of printing) (send out for printing, and high res stainless) (good catalog) (good book) (photo booth images) Jewelry designer / artist Jewelry designers Sculptor Cool artist (awesome designers (awesome artist) (all of Phil's demos from his regular classes - pass is kendall)

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