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KCAD Portfolio Camp 2019

3D modeling/Printing/Painting Syllabus-like-thing

Mutant Pixels, Polygons, Plastic, with Phil Renato

Some things we want you to learn:

To be comfortable improvising form and content in a digital environment
To gain some (additional?) facility with rendering models using 3D printers
To integrate skills you already have (including non-digital) into model making processes

To become comfortable with length, width and height using X,Y, and Z

To develop and edit forms at appropriate scales and using achievable thicknesses

To manage and name and learn (current) appropriate file sizes

To engage in something you might continue learning from

To make things which demonstrate what you've learned for your portfolio

PDF of the slideshow from the first day of class.

Images of renderings that Phil did of the models that everyone created during the first two days.​































Adhocism ( I recommend chapter 1, starting on page 15) (see manual)

Links to demos from our class will be here:

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